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14th March 2024 - Organisational Update

K9 Search UK was created in July 2008, over the following years our organisation has grown greatly.  We have been responsible for reuniting many, many lost and stolen dogs.  Thousands of stray dogs have been reunited with their owners via our organisation.  So many death row, unclaimed strays have been placed within UK rescues.  Since 2008 we have helped so many dogs and other pets.

Well 17 years on, its sadly time for us to close down our organisation.

We wish to thank everyone who has helped us achieve us so much over the years, social media members, dog wardens, local stray kennels, RSPCA, and West Midlands Police.  You have all been absolutely amazing and we do appreciate your continuous support.

K9 Search UK website will be updated to provide, wardens, kennels, rescue and other animal welfare contact details.  Please feel free to copy and keep this information.  Please note the website will stop operation on 1st July 2024.

All of our services will cease operation on Monday 1st April 2024

Please visit the Information Centre - here you will find dog warden information etc, feel free to copy whatever information you may need in the future.  Information pages will close on 1st July 2024

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