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The ear piercing whistling sounds, the explosions that fill our night skies, the rushing sound as a rocket leaves its launching tube. 

Children standing in awe, trembling with excitement as the next firework fountain emits a rush of smoke and crackling sparks.

Some fail to realise the anguish that is caused to our companion animals during firework season. 

Nearly all companions animals are blessed with very sensitive hearing, the sounds emitted by fireworks are so intense that they can cause our pets pain and stress.


Here are a few tips for pet owners

Always keep your dogs, cats and other pets indoors when fireworks are being let off.

Avoid walking dogs at times when fireworks are likely to be released, we encourage early morning walks where possible.

Always close all doors and windows, remember to close off cat flaps.  This will ensure that your pet cannot escape.

Draw your curtains, ensure there is background noise such as a radio or TV.

NEVER, take your dog to a firework display or leave them outside unattended.

Ensure that your pet is wearing a collar and ID tag at ALL times or microchipped (ensuring your contact details are upto date)

Dont assume your dog isnt affected by fireworks, look out for tell tale signs of stress, panting, yawning and pacing.

If you dog runs for cover under a table or bed, DONT stop them, allow them to continue.  Help by adding some comfortable pillows, familar toys and treats.
NEVER shout at them.

Small furries, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, please bring them indoors and give them extra bedding.  Some of these pets can die from heart attacks if over stressed.  Cover the cages with a blanket to dull the noise.