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Missing Dog Owners Beware!
Missing dog organisations and their owners are being targetted by scammers.  

Callers claim to have the missing dog in their possession.


They ask for money in return for the dog.

They will not be able to provide you with any proof that they have your dog

In some cases they are threatening and state they will kill the dog if you do not pay.

They request the money via bank transfer


They wait on the phone until the payment has been made and received in their account

Once they have the money, thats the last you will hear and your money will be long gone.

If you have been targetted by a scammer please contact us


Man called saying "its the Police".
They were looking for a man called Dean Horton.
Apparently they had seen his dog featured on our lost dog page and they were trying to contact him.  They then asked who we were, he was told K9 Search.
He then said its ok we havent found his dog and cut the call.

Telephone number - 07811 974983

Caller did not identify himself personally, he did not say which force he was calling from.  Caution advised if you receive a call from this number


A man with northern accent called claiming that he had one of our missing dogs and wanted to "make a deal" £1000 for return.

The K9 team were able to establish that this caller is another scammer.

Telephone number - 07730 445562

If you get a call from this number please do NOT send any money to them.

22nd December 2022

One of our loyal volunteers and supporters became the victim of internet scammers targetting owners of missing dogs

The man claimed to have found our volunteers long term missing dog. He said for the dogs return he required a payment of £150.

Caught off guard and highly emotive, the man was paid via bank transfer. Once the man confirmed payment, he disconnect the call and didnt pick up any of the returned desperate calls.

The mobile number used is 07587 794538


Bank Account Details:

Account Name - Claire Blendell

Sort Code - 07-08-06

Account Number - 20594516

This has been reported to the bank, Police and Action Fraud.

WARNING - please be extremely wary of people wanting money in return for your missing dog.

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