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Dog Owners

To reduce the risks of becoming the next dog thief victim......

1. Property markings - look out for markings on your property, if you find any, take several photos ideally showing the date/time, then remove the marking. Contact your local Police to report the incident, make sure you get a log number.

2. Be vigilant and cautious of suspicious individuals and vehicles while at home or out walking.

3. Cold callers - be polite but do not entertain them. Official callers normally make appointments prior to door step visits. If you are not expecting a caller, we suggest you turn them away and request they make an appointment via your registered contact info.

4. Social Media - so much information can be given away from a totally innocent post. Do not use check ins, do not post photos of your dog/s on a walk giving out locations. Make sure your profile settings are switched to friends and family only. Also if you are looking to hire a tradesperson, please do not post photos that show your dog/s.

5. Identification - make sure your dogs are microchipped and that your contact information is current and not out of date. Tags are still a legal requirement, add a tag to collar but dont use your dogs name, use your surname only with a valid phone number.

6. Neuter - entire dogs are more attractive to dog thieves.

7 - Photographs - take plenty of photos of your dogs from all angles and showing distinctive markings, scars etc.

8 - When on walks be observant of where your dog is. Be extremely mindful of anyone trying to distract your attention from your dog or anyone trying to attract your dog away from you.

9 - Kennels - if you have no alternative but to use home kennels, then make sure they are secured and alarmed, padlocks alone will not keep your dogs secure.

10 - Garden safety - ensure that your boundaries are secure and in a good state of repair so that no one can gain entry or pull your dog out.

11 - Garden gates - fit good quality padlocks, use shoot bolts at the top and bottom of the gate. You could fit to your gate a bell or alarm.

12 - Driveways - consider installing CCTV and other devices that will alert you to activity via your mobile.


Do not leave your dogs unattended in gardens

Do not leave your dogs in parked cars

Do not leave your dogs tied up outside shops

Breeders & Sellers

15 March 2021

We are advising sellers to be extremely careful after receiving 2 theft reports from our region in just a few days.

Theft 1 - French Bulldog, 2 white males, both had irish accents

Theft 2 - Shihtzu Cross, 1 white male, irish accent

Posed as interested buyers, in both incidents the buyers wished to pay by bank transfer from an Allied Irish Bank account. In both incidents the men claimed to have made the bank transfer. Sellers couldnt confirm the payments and the men showed them their mobile banking app to prove the transaction. Being too trusting, the sellers have allowed the buyers to leave with the dogs. Sadly in both cases the funds have not been received.

We are aware of a third incident from the Birmingham area, luckily the seller realised something wasnt quite right, it involved a car chase and the pup was thrown from the buyers car.

In all incidents the buyers have parked their vehicles away from the house.

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