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Our Story

The law governing stray dog collection changed in April 2008, responsibility transferred from the Police to Local Authorites. The guidelines issued by DEFRA to Local Authorities recommended that all councils provide a 24 hour service but only where practical. This has led to varying services across the UK which has created confusion for finders of stray dogs. Local rescues and animal welfare organisation within the West Midlands soon became innudated with calls for help and advice. In a bid to ease these problems and with local consult, K9 Search UK was formed.

The K9 Search UK team consists of people from all walks of life, but all with the same aim, to ensure that every stray dog has the opportunity to be reunited with its owner. However, there are times when it is impossible to locate the owners simply because the owners failed to identify their dogs by means of a tag, microchip or tattoo.

In situations where an owner cannot be located, a stray dog will remain in kennels for 7 clear days. After this time the dog can legally be rehomed or put to sleep. We are fortunate enough to have some very caring kennels that do not put to sleep on a whim. But there are times when the kennels reach their regulated capacity and there is no other option. It is at times like this when K9 Search UK assist by sourcing rescue placements and transporting dogs under threat of destruction to places of safety. We are NOT a rescue and do not rehome to members of the public. However, if you are interested in rehoming a rescue dog, we can provide you with details of a reputable rescue.

If you would like to donate to K9 Search UK you can do so by clicking on the Paypal link below. We receive no financial support from local authorities. We raise funds in several ways, carboots, meets & greets, events and public donations throughout each year. Every penny raised allows us to keep our service running and is also of great benefit to the animals we help.

Meet the K9 Alerts Team

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